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Picture of different types of skin problems
What can I do about my sensitive skin?

More and more people are dealing with sensitive skin. Because we live in a world in which we are daily affected by more and more environmental influences and pollutants. For many, not a single substance is responsible for sensitization and irritation, but the combination and accumulation of many factors. I don’t want you to let panic set in; instead, I’d like to share with you the following three tips on how best to protect yourself, your body, and your skin:

  • Shower in the evening
    Are you a morning shower person? Turn your routine upside down and take a shower in the evening. Sure, it’s great to wake up in the morning with a nice shower and get ready for the day. But if you suffer from sensitive skin, it is a good idea to wash off the day’s dirt in the evening. This way, you not only free your skin of stress, but you don’t take it to bed with you (which, by the way, also applies to those who struggle with pollen allergies). So, shower in the evening, treat your skin with a beautiful grooming ritual and dream sweetly, while your skin has a whole night to regenerate while cleansed and nourished.
  • Clean and hydrate your skin in the morning
    Cleanse your face and neck in the morning with a mild soap of your choice. Balance and tone your skin with my facial toner followed with my Hemp Serum which is applicable for any skin type. Then proceed to your normal make-up routine. Oh, and by the way, my facial toner helps to ‘set’ make-up and keep it in its place throughout the day.
  • Avoid perfumes
    Hmmm … what could be sweeter than a beautiful scent that immediately puts you in a good mood. On the other hand, many fragrances, especially synthetic fragrances, are highly allergenic. One in ten is affected, and you are bombarded everywhere by scents today. Even if you don’t have a direct allergy, I strongly advise you to remove as many fragrances as possible from your environment. Buy scent-free laundry detergents, avoid plasticizers, stay away from fragrance-free detergents and soaps as much as possible, and remember that sensitive people can also respond to scented candles and diffusers.
  • As much as possible, don’t use scented or heavily perfumed cosmetics. By using my roll-on perfume with an oil base, you receive a very delicate and subtle fragrance that is not so overwhelming to the olfactory senses. Attention: Not only synthetic fragrances but also essential natural oils can trigger reactions. Watch yourself and your results and act accordingly.
  • Avoid dairy products and gluten
    Healthy, beautiful skin isn’t only created in the bathroom, but primarily in the kitchen. What you eat and how you feed has a direct impact on your whole body … including your skin. Many people with problem skin find that avoiding dairy products and gluten is right for them and their skin problems (from acne to irritation) improve remarkably. If you feel that a nutritional experiment might be good for you, give it a try for a few weeks. You don’t have to do without everything right away. First, eliminate all dairy products or gluten for a few weeks and see what happens …

Last but not least, Give your skin a break
Using too many cosmetic products on your skin can be counterproductive in helping your skin maintain its natural glow. Give your skin a day off where it can naturally balance itself and breathe! Using nothing more than tap water, rinse your skin throughout the day.

Many thanks, Maya

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