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harmony works® Natural Cosmetics – a true labor of love.


My Philosophy: Rules for Natural Skin and Body Care Products with a Conscience.


harmony works is about our skin and the products which we choose to put on it.  I’d like to helo you simplify your skin care by using ingredients which are as close to their natural state as possible with plant-based ingredients working in synergy with your skin and body. Below are the cornerstones of my philosophy.

Recyclable Packaging
Attention to Carbon Footprints:

Glass is considerably and readily recyclable, and heavy to transport which increases the use of energy resources during transportation. Yes, I use glass as well as plastic containers with aluminum lids for my cosmetics. Both of which are recyclable, or you can upcycle them for other uses. I looked at the post-consumer waste and chose to eliminate boxes or inserts where possible, minimizing my part in deforestation and no shrink wrap affecting our landfills, which is often used by conventional products.

Rigorous Sourcing and Research:

For all my skin and body care, I only use 100% natural ingredients that are organic and certified by my suppliers.


As a busniness owner, I recognize my responsibility regarding our environment. As a part of my philosophy, no animal testing is done on any ingredients which I use.

Powerful & Simple:

My toxin free formulations are created with a specific intention in mind. How well it works with other components or solo. The powerful combinations are uncomplicated and pack a punch.


All my body and skin care products are designed with the intention of aiding the balancing and reparation process of your skin. Essential oils are introduced not only for their incredible scents but their inherent properties.


I list every single ingredient on the packaging of my cosmetics.

Handmade in Switzerland

Every product which I produce is made under my personal supervision and hand-made in Switzerland.