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A little about me

Welcome to Harmony Works! My name is Maya, and I’m the founder of Harmony Works, a place where you can find the freshest natural, organic body care products in a sustainable manner which will tantalize your senses and leave your skin feeling healthy and cared for.


While you’re here, I hope you will find some encouragement to try something new, or perhaps you’d like to do some learning through my blog. You’ll find short articles answering some of the most often asked questions. I’m always open to suggestions, and welcome your input.


For many years, I fought a battle with allergies to chemical substances not even being aware that many of them came from my body care products. The process was a long one, only to find out that it had to do with laundry soap, shampoos, deodorant and all those lovely bottles filled with promises of looking better and younger!


Over many years, I have been able to develop a variety of body and skin care products which meet my personal and business philosophy. That’s not to say I haven’t had formulations which didn’t work – there were many failures which have lead up to what I offer you now.

All the best, Maya
Maya's Portrait